Animated by an absolute requirement, it is by the word economy in the etymological way that we must perceive the designs of Symetria. Because the real is our world. It is up to us to apprehend, to master and to administer its nature. The spaces of which it is made reveal to us, beyond all the dimensions, a simple geometry animated by a complex algorithm. It is up to us to reduce this algebraic expression with the tools offered by the visual arts. The universal resonance of geometric abstraction since the early arts is a recorded track at the heart of a manifesto, that of concrete art.

In our publishing house, it’s with this intellectual tool that we open the windows on eternity. Equipped with our workshop as a space of research of the sublime and with our private collection as an object of awakening, we perpetuate here, with our artists, a real know-how in economy of the real.

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