Claire MOREL

claire morel - Symetria

Born in 1980, she lives and works in Paris and Mulhouse. Its artistic territory unfolds around the written as an image, the book as an object. It questions the written word, the alphabetic culture in which the image is often subordinate to the word. Why is it written? Because it is not only a form of transcription of language, image or sound; it is a field, a field of experimentation.

She conceives the book, not as the product of a technology, that of the print, but as a space: an architecture, a landscape, an echo chamber that would open an interstitial dimension. For this, it expands the book, contracts it, like a landscape during a walk; the book unfolds or folds into a detail. It becomes a world.vBut to be able to enjoy this space, it is necessary to unlearn to read, that is to admit that the reader is not a simple mechanism of transmission. It is action. This investment is not a prerequisite, it is a means to enter this world of writing. This penetration presupposes a double commitment of the written thing, his which consists in occulting, erasing, substituting, displacing, disseminating, troubling, covering…, and that of the reader which must turn into a walker or an actor.