Symetria collection - echantillon 1

At the heart of everything that makes up Symetria is an original collection of prints and art objects.

It is at the same time the soul of our studio, by its graphic and historical richness but also a source of awakenings, of artistic references for art theorists.

This corpus of works presents more than 200 silkscreens of major artists influenced by the geometric abstraction such as, Aurélie Nemours, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Gottfried Honegger, Vera Molnar, Ode Bertrand or François Morellet…

Gathered by Jean-Charles Kien and Christian Savioz, this collection is thought of as a historical link between two centuries and has the main objective of initiating as many people as possible to this singular approach to the Visual Arts during exhibitions in private or institutional art spaces.

All of these 20th and 21st century prints are referenced in a digital catalogue that we make available.