Reality is at the same time our home and our garden. It’s therefore up to us to apprehend and administer its nature. The multiple and multiform spaces witch it’s made reveal a simple geometry animated by an algorithm with irrational appearances. It is up to us to master this algebraic expression in our workshops with the tools and techniques offered by the fines arts. Because the universal resonance of geometry since the genesis of art is a track recorded both at the heart of our lives but also at the heart of the manifesto of concrete art. Since 2018, SYMETRIA edits, objects, prints and wallpapers specifically dedicated to lovers of geometric abstraction. This choice is the result of a twofold desire: on the one hand, to spread and perpetuate this movement initiated since the early arts; on the other hand, to promote the accessibility of contemporary art by the production of multiple works realized in silkscreen printing. Animated by an absolute requirement, Jean-Charles Kien and Christian Savioz are the architects of this project which exceeds the concept a classic publishing house. Their enthusiasm, unwavering energy and exceptional know-how in the world of art printing are at the service of artists, galleries, institutions and foundations who wish to promote this universal art and to open the windows on eternity.