Frédéric GABIOUD

Symetria frederic gabioud

Frederic Gabioud developed a monochrome pictorial practice and used structures similar to industrial production as support for his paintings. It then appears an ambiguity as to the medium, bringing these monochromes closer to the object. A false pretense defused by the artist who confirms his pieces as paintings, leaving usually a clue as for example a border of virgin canvas.

Frédric’s practice is part of a certain continuation of those conducted by his predecessors and contemporaries active on the Swiss scene in the field of geometric abstraction, while freeing himself from this corpus in a subtle and effective way. It tends towards a creative re-play of abstract traditional forms in a great simplicity both technical and conceptual. He prefers the wooden frame, which can take different forms and which he makes himself, as well as acrylic paint and he makes the exclusive choice of a monochrome rendering. In his works he regularly associates several pieces and plays ambiguity in visual as well as chromatic rendering.