Jean-Charles KIEN

Jean-Charles Kien - Symetria

Jean-Charles Kien (b.1987) is a French / Italian visual artist.

His work is evolving around extremely normalized concepts. The aim is to find balance and harmony through a preset creation system, where a very precise and strict statement of work is applied to all of his production, defining rules for structure, proportions or even colours. The aesthetics stemming from this dogma are minimalist, geometric and radical, close to the philosophy of the Concrete painting movement created in 1930.

Jean-Charles’s career follows an atypical logic, graduated in architecture and design from the university of Strasbourg, the study of transversality between arts and design has been at the center of his questioning. However, as his research progressed he developed an ever-increasing taste for art and its practice.

After several years working in the product design field, he decided to entirely devote himself to art. The changeover took place in 2016, during his stay in Shanghai, China. Many exhibitions followed in Europe and abroad.