Symetria Nathan Boubet

Nathan Boubet was born in 1997 in Alençon, France. His proximity to Switzerland during his studies inspired him a lot, in part with the discovery of the artists involved in the Fluxus movement.

His work aims to grab the viewer, both visually and graphically. Working with movement, Nathan Boubet’s work is halfway between sculpture and painting. 

He plays with visual sensitivity and the limits of our perception by creating optical illusions that cause sensations of oscillation and vibration and generate a certain loss of reference where the eye is constantly solicited. In his works, space and time are combined to produce, at the same time, a visual and a physical experience. The spectator and their eyes become like motors that drive the work due to their movement in space. The geometrically abstract forms appear to move, they are born and develop, but always seem in danger of disappearing.


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