Nicole Hassler - Symetria

Nicole Hassler is a visual artist part of a radical painting movement. His major medium is painting, but other techniques such as photography, video and sculpture can be found in his career. Nicole Hassler is interested in artifice, in the world of illusion. 

She creates works that question the unstable boundaries between what is considered art and what is not. The artist establishes a link on what determines the way art is received and interpreted, concerning political, cultural contexts, and also on gender issues. His works bear witness to the history and discourse of contemporary art, neo-feminism, consumerism and industry.

By appropriating the colors that we put on the skin, Hassler claims the right to consumption. She sets the trend codes of cosmetic fashion whose evocative titles of her paintings reveal the identity. They relate to the Industry of Beauty, the image of Woman and the globalized fashion of Luxury. They produce surprisingly autonomous paintings and invent a kind of Classicism derived from ephemeral codes.