robin chouleur - Symetria

Born in Nimes in 1990, Robin Chouleur lives and works in Occitania.

As a child, his family’s proximity to the artistic milieu enabled him to discover the abstract works of artists Claude Viallat and Roger Vilder. He will retain a propensity to self-denial in the repetition of motifs, a physical commitment in the creative act as well as a desire to decompose the different movements that constitute as many stages in the tracing of his drawings.

He studied at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles where he was passionate about spatial-temporal representations of territories. In his work he began a theoretical process of simplifying the schematic of the places he approached. He places a square grid in which each cell is a precise element of the space formed by the whole, at a given moment.

Today Robin Chouleur explores in his works the logics that unfold within each of these elementary cells. With them he shapes coherent interrelational systems by recruiting constructive rules with multiscalar variations.