Olivier Mosset SYMETRIA chameleon

Olivier MOSSET

Olivier Mosset SYMETRIA chameleon 6 pack

This journey begins when Oliver’s desire to work and to create new artworks using chameleon painting.

After several months of research and development, by studying different techniques and paints, by testing on many surfaces and materials, we identified the combination of technique and materials for optimal and astonishing result.

The success is also due to the incredible know-how and professional of our partners at every step of this project. This research path resulted in two major projects : a 6 pack and a set of two large diamond paintings.

Driven by Oliver Mosset’s confidence and the desire to innovate, Symetria studio has reached a new level. In order to take on these new challenges our studio is going further, by creating a new department dedicated to special projects and unique artworks.

More a coming soon, stay tuned !