Nathalie Du PASQUIER

- 2021-01-15

It is in the heart of winter and the Swiss mountains, in the village of S-chamf, that we had an appointment with Nathalie Du Pasquier to discover in her company the works exhibited at the villa Flor. This meeting was memorable, an extraordinary evening who was also an appointment with a smart an sensitive work of this exceptional artist. In the middle of the night during our conversation, we took the initiative together to meet again in Basel few weeks later with the firm idea of a collaborative work and an editions. Nord, Sud, Ouest, are the fruit of this meeting and also the cardinal points of an exceptional collaboration.



- 2020-08-13

Gerold Miller’s work embraces the fundamental characteristic of screen printing as well as the values carried by our Studio: rigor and precision. The concept of perfection is one of the major keys to read the Gerold’s artworks, in fact, he has the will to create exact object, in terms of material, proportions or even texture. Rarely the gap between the ideal representation of an object in the artist’s mind and his material representation has been so close. It’s been a privilege to collaborate with Gerold Miller on this iconic production.


Jan van der PLOEG

- 2020-08-10

The wonderful thing about Jan Van Der Ploeg’s artwork is that you are no longer the spectator, but you are the central subject of the graphic and chromatic experiments developed by the artist. More than a window open on a concrete landscape where we sometimes pose a distracted look, Jan proposes by subtle and radical plastic compositions, to transform the architectural space into the mental space focus on yourself. The works of Jan are an invitation to harmony, to an intellectual and a spiritual elevation; as a source of public utility to which each one of us could, at our leisure, quench his thirst for a better life.


Ai Sugiura - Symetria Residency

- 2020-03-30

When you discover the prints of Ai Sugiura for the first time, foremostly there is a feeling and a desire to transform space, light and chaos into compositions that are extraordinarily mastered and soothed. Indeed, invited for a month in residency by the Symetria Studio, this Japanese artist offered us through the screen printing medium a radiant and magnetic universe in total suspension of time and space. Making us fully feel this eternal vibration that exceeds us. Free, divert, modify the objects, materials and colors of their initial functions, in order to recompose and describe the inexplicable. [...]


Olivier MOSSET

- 2019-12-10

There is a sort of obviousness in this collaboration between Olivier Mosset and our serigarphie studio. The meeting with the master of geometric abstraction is without equivalence, it confirms our will and our determination to follow the path of truth in terms of art and life.


échantillon #1

- 2019-08-28

This silkscreen exhibition, initiated by Symetria at the Danzas gallery, presents an original link between two centuries of concrete art. Thus, in the form of a panorama, fifty or so major works of the geometric avant-garde of the fifties, extracted from private collections, combine in harmony with the artistic production of artists born with digital technologies. [...]